How to Stop Call Recording Announcement in Oppo A58

Model : Oppo A58
Announced: 2022, November 08
Battery: 5000mAh
Camera: 50MP

Memory: 6/8GB RAM

Secret to Disable Call Record Notification in Oppo A58

In today’s world, where remote work and virtual interactions have become the norm, phone calls are a crucial part of our daily routines. However, many individuals find the constant reminder that their call is being recorded to be intrusive and unnecessary. It is possible to disable the ‘this call is now being recorded’ warning to minimize distractions and have a more seamless conversation. By eliminating this warning, individuals can focus on the content of their calls without the unnecessary interruption. Let’s explore how you can easily disable this warning and enhance your phone call experience.

One simple way to disable the ‘this call is now being recorded’ warning is by accessing the settings of your phone. In most cases, you can find this option under the ‘Call Settings’ or ‘Recording Settings’ section. Alternatively, you can download third-party apps that provide more extensive customization features, including the ability to disable this warning. By utilizing these options, you can streamline your phone calls and eliminate unnecessary distractions, creating a more efficient and hassle-free communication experience.

Step By Step Method to Turn Off Call Recording Announcement in Oppo A58

If you own an Oppo A58 smartphone and are tired of the constant notification announcement during call recording, you’ll be glad to know that there are a few methods you can try to disable this feature. In this article, we will discuss several techniques to help you stop the call recording announcement on your Oppo A58.

Method 1: Disable Notification Access
1. Open the “Settings” app on your Oppo A58.
2. Scroll down and tap on “Notifications & Status Bar.”
3. Under the “Status Bar” section, tap on “App notifications.”
4. Locate and tap on “Call Recorder” from the list of installed apps.
5. Toggle off the button for “Allow notifications” to disable notification access for the call recording app.

Method 2: Disable Call Recording
1. On your Oppo A58, open the “Phone” app.
2. Tap on the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner of the screen.
3. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
4. Scroll down and tap on “Call settings” or “Calls.”
5. Look for the option called “Record calls” or “Call recording.”
6. Disable or toggle off the button to stop call recording.
Note: This method will completely disable call recording on your Oppo A58.

Method 3: Use a Third-Party Call Recording App
1. Open the “Play Store” app on your Oppo A58.
2. Search for a third-party call recording app, such as “Automatic Call Recorder” or “Call Recorder – ACR.”
3. Install and open the chosen app.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up the app.
5. Once set up, check if there is an option to disable call recording notification in the app’s settings.
6. Toggle off the button or set it to silent mode if available.

Method 4: Disable System Sounds
Please note that this method will disable all system sounds on your Oppo A58, not just the call recording notification.
1. Open the “Settings” app on your Oppo A58.
2. Scroll down and tap on “Sound & Vibration.”
3. Tap on “General sounds” or “System sounds.”
4. Look for an option called “Screen locking sounds” or similar.
5. Toggle off the button to disable system sounds.

Method 5: Activate Silent Mode
Activating silent mode on your Oppo A58 can prevent the call recording notification from disturbing you during your calls.
1. Locate the volume buttons on the side of your Oppo A58.
2. Press the volume down button until the phone enters silent or “Do Not Disturb” mode.
3. Check if the call recording notification still appears during calls.

These are some of the methods you can try to stop the call recording announcement on your Oppo A58 smartphone. Experiment with them and see which one works best for you.

Where to Find Call Recording in Oppo A58

1. Unlock your Oppo A58 by entering your security code or using your fingerprint.

2. Access the “File Manager” on your phone. You can find this by swiping up from the home screen and searching for “File Manager” in the search bar, or by locating the app in your app drawer.

3. Once in the File Manager, you will see different folders and file categories. Look for a folder named “Recordings” or “Call Recordings.”

4. Tap on the “Recordings” or “Call Recordings” folder. This will open the folder and display a list of all the recorded calls on your Oppo A58.

5. Browse through the list to find the specific call recording you are looking for. The recordings are usually listed with the date and time of the call.

6. Once you have located the desired call recording, you can tap on it to open and listen to it. Alternatively, you can long-press on it to access additional options such as sharing or deleting the recording.

7. If you wish to save the call recording to another location, such as your external storage or cloud storage, you can tap on the sharing option and select the desired destination.

8. If you are unable to find a “Recordings” or “Call Recordings” folder in your File Manager, it is possible that the call recordings may be stored in a different location or the feature may not be available on your Oppo A58 model. In such cases, refer to the user manual or contact Oppo customer support for further assistance.


1. How do I disable the call recording announcement feature in Oppo A58?
To disable the call recording announcement feature in Oppo A58, follow these steps:
– Go to the “Settings” menu on your phone.
– Scroll down and select “Call” or “Call settings.”
– Look for the “Call recording” option and tap on it.
– Disable the toggle for “Call recording announcement.”

2. Can I stop the call recording announcement for all calls or only specific ones?
You can stop the call recording announcement for all calls by following the steps mentioned above. However, some devices may offer the option to disable the announcement for specific contacts or numbers as well.

3. Is call recording legal in my country?
The legality of call recording varies from country to country. It is essential to check the laws and regulations regarding call recording in your specific country before using this feature.

4. Is there any way to save call recordings directly to my SD card in Oppo A58?
By default, call recordings are usually saved in the internal storage of your Oppo A58 phone. However, you may be able to change the default storage location to your SD card by exploring the call recording settings or using third-party call recording applications.

5. Can I access my call recordings from the file manager?
Yes, call recordings can usually be accessed from the built-in file manager on your Oppo A58 phone. Look for a folder named “Call Recordings” or “Recordings” in your file manager app.

6. How can I change the storage location of call recordings in Oppo A58?
To change the storage location of call recordings in Oppo A58, you can try the following steps:
– Open the “Phone” app on your device.
– Tap the three-dot menu button or the settings option within the app.
– Look for “Settings” or “Call settings.”
– Explore the options or preferences within this menu to find the storage location setting for call recordings.

7. Can I transfer my call recordings to my computer or external storage?
Yes, you can transfer your call recordings to your computer or external storage if you have access to the recorded files. Connect your Oppo A58 to your computer using a USB cable or transfer the files wirelessly using cloud storage or file-sharing apps.

8. Is there a maximum duration for call recording in Oppo A58?
The maximum duration for call recording may vary depending on the device and the available storage space. Some devices have a limit set by the manufacturer, while others may be limited by the storage capacity of your phone.

9. How can I play back my call recordings on Oppo A58?
To play back your call recordings on Oppo A58, you can follow these steps:
– Open the file manager on your device.
– Locate the folder where your call recordings are saved.
– Tap on the recording you wish to listen to, and it should open in the default media player.

10. Can I delete specific call recordings on Oppo A58?
Yes, you can delete specific call recordings on Oppo A58 by navigating to the “Call Recordings” or “Recordings” folder using the file manager. Find the recording you want to delete, long-press it, and select the delete option.


In conclusion, stopping call recording announcements on your smartphone can be achieved by following a few simple steps. Firstly, check your phone’s settings and disable any call recording features. Additionally, consider installing a call recording app that allows you to customize your preferences. Remember to always comply with local laws and regulations concerning call recording. By taking these measures, you can enjoy a more seamless and private calling experience without interruptions from recording announcements.

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