How to Disable Call Recording Announcement in Oppo A1

Model : Oppo A1
Announced: 2023, April 04
Battery: 5000mAh
Camera: 50MP
Memory: 8/12GB RAM

Secret Method to Disable Call Record Notification in Oppo A1

If you are tired of hearing the repetitive and often annoying “this call is now being recorded” warning every time you make or receive a call, you might be wondering if there is a way to disable it. Thankfully, there are methods available to bypass this feature and avoid hearing the message altogether. By following a few simple steps, you can eliminate the annoyance and enjoy your calls without any interruptions. Now, let’s explore how you can disable the ‘this call is now being recorded’ warning efficiently and effortlessly.

One way to disable the ‘this call is now being recorded’ warning is by modifying the settings on your phone or call recording app. Many call recording apps offer the option to turn off this warning message, giving you more control over your call recording experience. However, if your phone does not have this feature or you prefer not to use third-party apps, there are alternate methods you can try.

Another method to disable the ‘this call is now being recorded’ warning is to contact your phone service provider or network carrier. They may be able to assist you in disabling this message through their system settings. However, this option may vary depending on the policies and capabilities of your specific service provider. By reaching out to them, you can inquire about any available options to turn off the warning and enjoy seamless call recording.

Step By Step Method to Stop Call Recording Announcement in Oppo A1

Call recording is a useful feature that comes in handy for various purposes. However, some individuals may prefer not to have an announcement or notification play every time a call is being recorded on their Oppo A1 smartphone. Fortunately, there are different methods available to disable the call recording announcement. In this article, we will explore these methods and guide you through the process.

Method 1: Using the Call Settings

Step 1: Open the Phone app on your Oppo A1.

Step 2: Tap on the three-dot menu icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, select “Call settings” or “Settings.”

Step 4: Scroll down and find the “Call recording” option. Tap on it.

Step 5: Look for the “Recording announcement” or a similar setting. It may have options like “Always announce,” “Announce before recording,” or “No announcement.” Select “No announcement” or the option that suits your preference.

Step 6: Once you have made the selection, exit the settings menu.

This method allows you to directly access the call settings on your Oppo A1 and disable the call recording announcement.

Method 2: Using the Sound Settings

Step 1: Go to the “Settings” app on your Oppo A1. You can find it in your app drawer or swipe down from the notification panel and tap on the gear icon.

Step 2: Scroll down and find the “Sound & vibration” or “Sound” option. Tap on it.

Step 3: Look for “Other sounds” or “Volume.” It may vary depending on the device model. Tap on it.

Step 4: Locate the “Call recording tone” or “Recording announcement” option. It might be listed under “Media” or “Notification” sounds.

Step 5: Tap on the option and select “None” or “Off” to disable the call recording announcement sound.

Step 6: Exit the settings by tapping the back button or using the gesture navigation system.

This method allows you to modify the sound settings on your Oppo A1 and silence the call recording announcement sound.

Method 3: Using a Third-Party App

If the built-in options on your Oppo A1 do not provide a way to disable the call recording announcement, you can try using a third-party call recording app. These apps often offer advanced settings and features, including the ability to turn off the notification sound. Simply download a reputable call recording app from the Google Play Store, set it as your default call recorder, and look for the option to disable the recording announcement in the app’s settings.

In conclusion, disabling the call recording announcement on your Oppo A1 is achievable through various methods. By utilizing the call settings, sound settings, or a third-party app, you can customize your phone’s behavior and stop the announcement from playing every time a call is recorded. Take advantage of these methods and enjoy a more seamless recording experience on your Oppo A1 smartphone.

Where to Find Call Recording in Oppo A1

To locate call recordings saved on the Oppo A1, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Unlock your Oppo A1 by entering the lock screen pattern, PIN, or password.
2. Go to the app drawer by swiping up from the home screen or tapping on the icon that looks like a grid of dots.
3. Look for the “Files” app icon, typically labeled as “Files” or represented with a folder icon.
4. Tap on the “Files” app to open it.
5. Once inside the Files app, you might be prompted to grant it necessary permissions, such as access to storage. Follow the on-screen instructions to grant the required permissions.
6. In the Files app, you will see different storage locations displayed, such as “Internal storage,” “SD card,” etc. Tap on the storage location that contains the call recordings. It is commonly found under “Internal storage.”
7. Navigate through the folders until you find the folder where call recordings might be saved. Usually, they are stored in a folder named “Call Recordings,” “Recordings,” or something similar. Tap on the folder to open it.
8. Inside the Call Recordings folder, you will find the actual call recordings stored as individual audio files. They are typically in .mp3 or .wav format. Browse through the list of files to find the specific recording you are looking for.
9. Once you locate the desired call recording, you can either tap on it to play it using the default media player or long-press on it to access additional options like sharing, deleting, etc.

Remember that the exact location of call recordings may vary depending on the apps or settings used for call recording on your Oppo A1. If you are using a third-party call recording app, the recordings might be saved in a different location specified by that app.


1. How do I stop the call recording announcement in Oppo A1?

Go to the Phone app, tap on the three dots at the top right corner, select “Settings,” and then disable “Call Recording Announcement.”

2. Can I disable call recording announcement for specific contacts only?

No, the option to disable call recording announcement is applicable to all contacts.

3. Will disabling call recording announcement also disable call recording altogether?

No, disabling the announcement only stops the voice message informing both parties that the call is being recorded. Call recording functionality remains active.

4. How do I find the saved call recordings on my Oppo A1?

The call recordings are saved in the “Recorder” app. Locate the app on your home screen or by searching in the app drawer.

5. Can I change the default storage location for call recordings?

No, the call recordings will be saved in the internal storage of your Oppo A1 and cannot be changed.

6. Is there a limit to the number of call recordings that can be saved?

The number of call recordings that can be saved depends on the available storage space on your Oppo A1.

7. Can I transfer the call recordings from my Oppo A1 to my computer?

Yes, you can transfer the call recordings by connecting your Oppo A1 to the computer using a USB cable and accessing the “Recorder” folder.

8. How long are call recordings saved on the Oppo A1?

Call recordings are saved until you manually delete them or until the storage space is full.

9. Can call recordings be automatically backed up to cloud storage?

No, Oppo A1 does not have an automatic backup feature for call recordings. You will need to manually backup the recordings if desired.

10. Will uninstalling the “Recorder” app delete all saved call recordings?

Yes, uninstalling the “Recorder” app will delete all the call recordings saved on your Oppo A1. Make sure to backup the recordings before uninstalling.


In conclusion, stopping call recording announcements on a smartphone can be achieved through various methods. One can disable the feature in the phone settings or by using a call recording app that offers a stealth mode. Additionally, using headphones or earbuds with a built-in microphone can prevent the announcement from being recorded. It is important to remember to comply with local laws and regulations regarding call recording to maintain privacy and legal compliance.

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