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With Auto Call Recorder: Record all incoming, outgoing and even conference calls automatically, without even tapping on the record button! Absolutely no ADS!

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30% less battery usage


Works on devices under android 10


All call records are saved in your phone


Super simple UI


Why Is My Application Being Put To Sleep?

It’s the battery saver. After installing Automatic Call Recorder, go into battery management which is in charge of keeping apps awake or asleep. By default, it’s automatically set to  “auto control“. Set it to “Do not control”

How Do You Know My Call Is Recorded?

As long as you see the “auto call recording” icon in your notifications, this means it’s ready to record.

Is Automatic Call Recorder Free?

Automatic Call Recorder –  It’s a free app that helps you to record all your important phone calls. 

Will You Upgrade?

Auto Call Recorder will come out with a new release, an upgraded version. It isn’t known yet when it will be released, but any changes will be posted here and on the play store.

Android 10

Auto Call Recorder will not work with android 10 or newer versions due to repressed functionality of the android system relating to call recording.

Auto Call Recorder